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Budapest Special CAC + 2x Grand Prix CACIB (H) - 2018.06.22-24.
Judge/Bíró: Kakas Tímes (HU, breed specialist), Annukka Paloheimo (SF), Dr Jakkel Tamás (HU)
After a tiring, but fantastic weekend we have 2 new Champions and so many nice memories. I am really happy that Maisie's breeder, Anjana was here with her 2 boys, and saw us at home and in the ring.

Speciality CAC Show - 06.22. Friday
Maisie - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior, Junior Best In Show 3., new * Hungária Junior Champion *
Teodor - Champion class: Exc-1, CAC, Best Male
Maisie's father Luca won Best Veteran and BOS!!!

Budapest Grand Prix CACIB - 06.23. Saturday
Maisie - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior, Best Of Breed
Teodor - Open class: Exc-1

Budapest Grand Prix CACIB - 06.24.Sunday
Maisie - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior
Teodor - Open class: Exc-1, CAC, resCACIB, new
* Hungária Champion *
Maisie's father Luca won Best Veteran!

New litter at our Co-breeder - 2018.05.28.
Merlin and Cica's puppies were born, 2 Blue-merle males and a Tricolor female.

Pápa 2x CAC (H) - 2018.04.28.
Judge/Bíró: Vladimir Piskay (SK), Julia Magdas (RO)
We had a very long day with Maisie on double national dogshows. She did her best in the ring, moved and stand like a pro in the very hot weather both shows. I am really proud!
Maisie - Junior class: Exc-2 / Exc-1, HPJ

I handled my friend's veteran collie "Hirto" Ch Trasdepastores Blueduero on the afternoon CAC to win Best Veteran and BOB title, he was chosen to the best 5 in the Veteran BIS! Hirto & Scara 2nd Best Couple, Nolynna Lux collie kennel 2nd Best Breeders group! Many thanks for the trust!

Happy Birthday Reina!- 2018.04.19.
One more birthday for The Queen of our pack, the ninth! She is getting slower, more white on her face, but still have that shine in her eyes. We love you darling!

Happy Birthday Maisie!- 2018.04.05.
Still can't believe that she is here, she is ours, but now she became 1 year old!
I am really thankful to her breeder, Anjana for she gave us this amazing puppy!


Pécs 2x Sleddog Special CAC - 2018.03.16.
Judge/Bíró: Elena Adamovskaya (RUS), Svend Løvenkjær (DK)
I didn't work as a handler for a year, just handling for some special friends' dogs, like Gyöngyi and Zsófi. So we travelled to Pécs and
did our best with their husky team!

"Bruce" Sophie's Pearl Batman Forever - Minor puppy male: 2x VP, 2x res Minor Puppy BISS
"Will" Ch Belukha Iron Will - Champion male: 2x resCAC
"Axl" Ch Sophie's Pearl Guns 'N Roses - Veteran male: 2x CAC, 2x BOB Veteran, res Veteran BISS, Veteran BISS, SUPREME Veteran BISS

Budapest CACIB - 2018.02.15.
Judge/Bíró: Harsányi Péter (HU)
After a really long break we entered a dogshow again, this time I showed Maisie in Junior class and she did her best!!!
Maisie - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior
Really proud of her!





Visiting dog shows - 2017.12.03.
We were only visitors on 2 dogshows, in Komárom and Budapest, we did some training with Maisie for the future dogshows.
Photos by Stricker Dániel, Friderics Cecília, Szalai Ádám

Happy Birthday Teodor!- 2017.10.23.
Our Mr. BIG, Prince Charming, Dr Prof Dudu, who always caring and loving became 4 years old!

Happy Birthday Cathy!- 2017.10.10.
The smart, pretty, loud and always merry Pipi become 6 years old!

Happy Half-Birthday Maisie!- 2017.10.05.
The Dutch-Princess become 6 months old!

We have a new girl! - 22/08/2017
Our new family member arrived from the Nederlands, welcome home little Maisie!

Time to rest - 29/06/2017
After a busy year of 2016 we decided to take a little rest from the shows and other "doggy-programs". Our dogs are very happy and
living a calm dog-life.

Happy Birthday Reina! - 19/04/2017
Our dearest first Sheltie become 8 years old!

Tristan in Budapest - 08-10/03/2017
Thank you Anjana! It was a pleasure to have you in our home.

Winter Dog Show Budapest CACIB + AAPKK Clubshow - 16-18/02/2017
Judge/Bíró: Harsányi Péter (HU)
Teodor - Open class:
CACIB Show, Day 1: Exc-2 rCAC, rCACIB
Clubshow: Very good :)

AAPKK Clubdinner - 28/01//2017
Teodor got his CLUB STAR title for his nice show result in 2016!
Cathy also got her CLUB STAR finally for her 2015 years results.
I am so proud of you my Dears!

President's Cup Budapest CACIB - 08/01/2017
Judge/Bíró: Harsányi Péter (HU)
Teodor - Open class: Exc-2 rCAC, rCACIB
(handler: Farkas Márta Barbara)





We had a little home-made Christmas photoshoot.

Happy 3rd Birthday Teodor!

Happy 5th Birthday Cathy!

Komárom 3x CACIB - 07-09/10/2016
Judge/Bíró: Milan Krinke (CZ), Charlotte Hoier (DK), Korózs-Papp Judit (HU)
Teodor - Open class: 2x VG, Exc-3

Kecskemét CACIB - 17/09/2016
Judge/Bíró: Hargitai Gábor (H)
Teodor - Open class: CAC, rCACIB
Cica - Junior class: HPJ, BOB-Junior, BEST OF BREED!

* New Hungária Junior Champion *

AAPKK Speciality CAC Show, Gödöllő - 03/09/2016
Judge/Bíró: Yossi Guy (ISR)
Teodor - Champion class: CAC
Cica - Junior class: HPJ
Reina - Champion class: CAC, BEST OF BREED!

Couples competition with Reina & Cica: not placed / Kutyapár verseny Reina & Cica: helyezés nélkül

Budapest Grand Prix CACIB - 03/06/2016
Judge/Bíró: Tímea Kakas
Teodor - Open class: resCAC (from strong class of 4)

Happy Bithday Reina!

Sremska Mitrovica CAC (SRB) - 27/03/2016
Judge/Bíró: Miodrag Vretenic (MK)
Teodor - Open class: CAC, BOB
* New SRB Champion *

Bogatic CACIB (SRB) - 26/03/2016
Judge/Bíró: Orcsik István (SRB)
Teodor - Open class: CAC, CACIB, BOB

Cathy gained her all points last year for the CLUB STAR title, and now she got her cerfiticat and trophy for it.





Jászberény CAC - 2015.10.25.

Judge/Bíró: Hargitai Gábor (H) - 2 Sheltie
Cathy - Champion class: Ex-1, CAC, BOB

Happy Bithday Dudu & "Sun" litter!

Szeged CAC- 2015.10.18.

Judge/Bíró: Bosnyák Tibor (SRB) - 8 Sheltie
Teodor - Open class: resCAC
Cathy - Champion class: resCAC

Happy Birthday Cathy!

Kecskemét CAC - 2015.09.26.

Judge/Bíró: Erdős László (H) - 2 Sheltie
Teodor - Intermediate class: Ex-1, CAC, BOB

Budapest 2x CAC- 2015.09.25.

Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Péter (H) + Gzregorz Robak (PL) - 5 Sheltie
Teodor - Intermediate class: CAC + CAC, BOS (OMÉK Grand Prix Winner 2015)
Cathy - Champion class: CAC + VG

AAPKK Speciality Show / AAPKK Speciál CAC- 2015.09.19.

Judge/Bíró: Bente Loseth (NO) - 9 Sheltie
Teodor - Intermediate class: VG
Cathy - Open class: VG
Reina - Champion class: Ex-1, CAC
Couples competition (4) with Reina & her daughter Cathy: not placed
Kutyapár verseny (4 induló) Reina & Cathy: helyezés nélkül

Szombathely CACIB + CAC - 2015.07.11.
Judge/Bíró: Ruth Wagner (CH) + Gellén Tibor (H) - Sheltie
Cathy - Open class: Ex-1, CAC, CACIB + Ex-1, CAC, BOB
* New Hungária Champion & Hungária Show Champion!!! *

Budapest CACIB - 03/05/2015

Judge/Bíró: Dagmar Klein (RO) - 5 Sheltie
Teodor - Intermediate class: VG-2
Cathy - Open class: Ex-1, CAC, resCACIB

Pécs CAC - 2015.04.12.
Judge/Bíró: Korózs András (H)
Teodor - Intermediate class: Ex-1, CAC
Indy - Open class:Ex-1, CAC
Susie - Junior class: Vg
Cathy - Open class: Ex-1, CAC
Reina - Champion class: Ex-1, CAC, BOB, shortlisted in FCI I.
Couples competition with Reina & Indy: not placed / Kutyapár verseny Reina & Indy: helyezés nélkül
Breeders groups competition (Teodor + Susie + Cathy) not placed / Tenyészcsoportok versenye (Teodor + Susie + Cathy) helyezés nélkül

Salgótarján CAC - 2015.03.29.
Judge/Bíró: P. Szabó Béla (H)
Teodor - Intermediate class: Ex-1, CAC
Susie - Junior class: Good :O)

We lost our dear Aida - 2015.02.26.
After a long disease we had to let go Aida. We will miss you very much!

FeHoVa Budapest CACIB - 2015.02.13-14-15.
Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Ildikó (H) + Kotlár Róbert (H) + Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (H)
Teodor - Junior class: Ex-2 + Ex-3 + Ex-2
Susie - Junior class: Ex-1, HPJ, BOS Junior



Kapuvár CAC - 26/05/2014
Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Ildikó (HU)
Cathy - Open class: Exc-1 CAC, BOB

Székesfehérvár CACIB - 11/05/2014
Judge/Bíró: Gellén Tibor (HU)
Teodor - Puppy class: VP-1, Best Puppy
Cathy - Open class: Exc-1 CAC, rCACIB
Couples competition with Cathy & Teodor: not placed / Kutyapár verseny Cathy & Teodor: helyezés nélkül
Junior handling: Berényi Kitii & Cathy 3. helyezett!

Szilvásvárad CACIB + Clubshow - 19-20-21/04/2014
Judge/Bíró: Jeff Luscott (GB), Geoff Duffield (GB), Michel Mocqué (FR), Dave Weller (GB)
Teodor - Minor Puppy class: VP-1, Best MP, Minor Puppy BIS-3 (Clubshow)
Cathy - Open class: Exc-2, rCAC / VG / VG / VG
Reina - Champion class: Ex-2, rCAC (Clubshow)

FeHoVa Budapest CACIB - 16/02/2014
Judge/Bíró: László Krisztina (HU)
Teodor - Minor Puppy class: VP-1, Best MP male
Susie - Minor Puppy class: VP-1, Best MP female



Weekend at the Őrség (HU) - 2013.10.11-13.

Backa Topola CACIB (SRB) - 2013.09.22.
Judge/Bíró: Slavojub Andric (SRB)
Reina - Champion class: Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
* New Serbian Champion!!! *

Budapest OMÉK 2x CAC (HU) - 2013.09.21.
Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Péter (HU), Korózs András (HU)
Reina - Champion class: Exc-1, CAC - Exc-1, CAC, BOS

Székesfehérvár CACIB (HU) - 2013.06.16.
Judge/Bíró: ?
Cathy - Intermediate class: Vg

Budapest World Dog Show (HU) - 2013.05.19.
Judge/Bíró: Claus-Peter Fricke (DE)
Reina - Champion class: Excellent, selected to the best 6

Happy Birthday Reina! - 2013.04.19.

Pápa CAC (HU) - 2013.04.06.
Judge/Bíró: Davor Javor (HR)
Cathy - Junior class: Exc-3
Reina - Champion class: Ex-1, CAC, BOB

Csongrád CAC (HU) - 2013.03.23.
Judge/Bíró: Siklósi Béla (HU)
Cathy - Junior class: Ex-1, HPJ, Best Junior
* New Hungária Junior Champion!!! *

Budapest CACIB (HU) - 2013.02.14-15-17.
Judge/Bíró: Szabó Sándor (HU), Székely István (HU), Dagmar Klein (RO)
Cathy - Junior class: Exc-1 - Vg - Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior
Reina - Open class: Ex-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB



Dunaújváros CAC (HU) - 2012.10.14-15-17.
Judge/Bíró: Mitra Calin (RO)
Cathy - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior
Reina - Open class: Exc-1, CAC, BOB, BOG-3

HCSC Clubshow, Komárom (HU) - 26/05/2012
Judge/Bíró: Stella Clarke (GB)
Cathy - Puppy class: VP-1, Best Puppy, BIS Puppy-2
Reina - Open class: Ex-1, resCAC

Budapest CAC + Puppy Show + CACIB (HU) - 2012.02.16-17-19.
Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Ildikó (HU), Lisbeth Mach (CH), John J. Walsh (IRL)
Cathy - Baby class: VP-1, Best Baby + VP-1, Best Baby + VP-1, Best Baby, BIS Baby-3



Central European Cup, Speciality Show for British Shepherds, Komárom (HU) - 2011.06.13.
Judge/Bíró: Ruud Santen (NL)
Merlin - Champion class: CAC, CEC winner, Best Male
Reina - Open class: CAC
Couples competition with Reina & Merlin: 2nd place / Kutyapár verseny Reina & Merlin: 2. hely

Szilvásvárad CACIB + Clubshow (HU) - 2011.04.23-24.
Judge/Bíró: ?
Merlin - Champion class: CAC, resCACIB + CAC, Clubwinner, BOB
Reina - Open class: CAC, resCACIB + Exc-3
Couples competition with Reina & Merlin: 2nd place / Kutyapár versenyReina & Merlin: 2. hely

Breeding exams & photoshooting, Eger (HU) - 2011.04.02.
Reina got her Breeding license with "Recommended for breeding" and we made a photoseries about her and Merlin by Kilián Kitti and Kis Oszkár!

Champion Show, Székesfehérvár (HU) - 2011.02.20.
Judge/Bíró: Hargitai Gábor (HU)
Reina - Champion class: Champion of Champions 1, BOB, selected to Best 6 in Group I.

Weekend at Eger (HU) - 2011.01.27-30.
Dog Friendly place / Kutya-barát hely: Palacsintavár Étterem, Eger



Budapest 2x CACIB (HU) - 2010.11.27-28.
Judge/Bíró: Gellén Tibor (HU), Balázsovits Jánosné (HU)
Reina - Intermediate class: Exc-1, CAC / Exc-2, resCAC

MKSZ Budapest Derby CAC (HU) - 2010.10.30.
Judge/Bíró: Hargitai Gábor (HU)
Reina - Intermediate class: Exc-1, CAC, MKSZ Derby Winner 2010, BOB
Handling: Silver Dream Black Hollywood "Winnie" open class: CAC, BOB
I won my very last Junior handling competition with Merlin, the English Springer Spaniel. Many thanks to his owner!

Miskolc CAC - 2010.10.10.
Judge/Bíró: Mitra Calin (RO)
Reina - Junior class: Exc-1. HPJ, Best Junior, BOB

Kecskemét CAC - 2010.09.12.
Judge/Bíró: László István (HU)
Reina - Junior class: Exc-1. HPJ, Best Junior
* New Hungária Junior Champion *

Debrecen CACIB (HU) - 2010.08.08.
Judge/Bíró: Gellén Tibor (HU)
Reina - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior

Salgótarján CAC (HU) - 2010.05.09.

Judge/Bíró: ?
Reina - Junior class: Exc-1, HPJ, Best Junior
Ági was placed 2nd in Junior handling. Thanks for Axl to his owner!

Cegléd CAC (HU) - 2010.04.25.
Judge/Bíró: Kardos Vilmos (HU)
Reina - Junior class: Exc-2
Ági was placed 2nd in Junior handling. Thanks for Zaina to her owner!

Happy Birthday Reina! - 2010.04.19.
This is Reina's FIRST Birthday! We love you little girl!

Miskolc 2x CACIB (HU) - 2010.04.03-04.
Judge/Bíró: ? (RO)
Reina - Junior class: Very good
Ági was placed 3rd in Junior handling on the 2nd day. Thanks for Oskar to his owner!



Szentendre CAC (HU)- 2009.10.18.
Judge/Bíró: Muzslai Ildikó (HU)
Reina - Baby class: Very promising 1, Best Baby
Merlin - Open class: Exc-1, CAC, BOB
Our niece, Noémi was 3rd with Merlin in the Child and dog competition.

Debrecen CACIB (HU)- 2009.08.29.
Judge/Bíró: Korózs-Papp Judit (HU)
Merlin - Open class: CAC, CACIB, BOB
- Baby class: Very promising 1, Best Baby

Our first Sheltie is here! - 2009.06.17.
Our new family member arrived on the Birthday of Ági, welcome home little Reina!

Happy Birthday Aida! - 2009.06.11.
The dearest collie lady of our family became 7 years old!